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Deborah R. Romero

Reiki Master,



Sherwood Holistic Collective

Hunters Ridge Center

20512 SW Roy Rogers Rd.
Suite 150
Sherwood, OR 97140
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Monday through Saturday
10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
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Deborah is truly gifted as a healer and an intuitive. I owe her immense gratitude for helping my cat, Rex, through the challenges of aging where a typical vet visit fell short. I was so impressed with her service and expertise that I now see her for Reiki sessions. Thank you, Deborah, for all that you do for animals and for humans, too!

Barbara de la Torre, MD
Founder, Health by Your Design
Deborah’s work is life-changing.

I’ve done a lot of energy work over the years and have been amazed and delighted by the transformations I’ve made during my time with Deborah. I did the Reiki Wellness Special (highly recommend!) which was a powerful series of sessions focused on each chakra. Each week I was met with a warm welcoming smile and a comfortable safe atmosphere.  Each session was life-altering and I had so many insights and ah ha moments. I love her loving directness when she shares what she learned from my guides and her ‘homework’ mantras and advice were incredibly helpful between sessions.  I have recommended Deborah to everyone I know who is looking for some deep, meaningful and truly transforming work.  Big hugs and a ton of gratitude to you, Deborah.

Jenn Aubert
Co-Founder & CEO


I suffered from a condition called “irritable bladder.”  Doctors could find no obvious cause and were unable to help.  None of the natural cures worked for me.  Out of frustration I decided to give Reiki a try.  Wow!  I started as a skeptic, but Deborah made me a believer.  During our session I could feel energy pulsing through the areas of my body where she was working.  I left her office feeling light and happy.  Most importantly, my symptoms disappeared soon after treatment.  Since that first visit I have seen Deborah a few times for other issues, and have always been 100% satisfied.  I have tried other Reiki practitioners, but none have matched her amazing gift.  – Stephanie 



Deborah is amazing.
I went in with aches in my legs that had been ever-present for months...and walked out (after an hour session) feeling like a new person. No more aches in my legs -- or aches anywhere else in my body.  I felt so good!
Deborah's ability to get messages from my guides was impressive too.  After two 1-hour sessions, I had a clear road map on what to eat, what not to eat, and what to include in my exercise routine.
Deborah knows what she's doing.  I highly recommend her.


  I have been  receiving Reiki treatments from Deborah for several months, and she has been invaluable  in helping me with chronic pain and anxiety issues in a very compassionate manner. It has been a  transformative experience for me, and has replaced other medical treatments that either did not help or were harmful to me in other ways. I am very grateful for her help, and would advise anyone who is interested in this kind of work to give her  a call.



 I became very ill with anxiety and depression in January 2011. I found Deborah's beautifull and inspiring web site. I felt she was the reiki healer I should contact. In my first call she helped me feel better with her support and understanding by telling me how to breath. I've recieved three reiki sessions and with every visit my mind and body are feeling better not only from the reiki, but from her guidence, support and understanding. I am looking forward to continuing my treatments with her. I think it is very important for my recovery together with medical care. Thank you Deborah for your help. Sincerily. Elizabeth Bull.


I heard about Deborah’s gift from a friend and traveled from New York City for my appointment.  My journey across the country was well worth it  and the only way I can put into words how I felt after meeting with her is to say that my heart healed a bit that day.  Debra  instantly described my fathers physical state before he passed and referenced our neighbor Roger from my childhood who has also passed away some years back. This experience was a true blessing and I will be forever grateful. Kelly Raftery
I have had the great Joy of being both a Reiki student and also client of Deborah's. I continue to be so grateful for her unique understanding, experience, and perspectives in working with healing energies  alongside her mission to share this Love and Guidance in her teaching. Deborah's heartfelt commitment  to helping me grow and begin a new life path with Reiki has been invaluable!  Many, Many Thanks Deborah! -Rebecca


This may sound a bit cliché….but Debroah helped save my life. My mother died from breast cancer so I was well aware of the need to have yearly mammogram . For a number of years I could feel a lump and after each mammogram, Epic Imaging would send a letter saying,” although we do not find the mass to be cancerous we will not be held liable for a mis-diagnosis , recommended treatment is to be seen in a year.” Deborah did not know of the lump in my breast, I had not told her. During our session I was laying quietly with my eyes close. Deborah, broke the silence by saying,” I think you need to get this area checked.” Deborah did not know of all the tests that had been a false negative, I told her I had gotten it checked a number of times and her reply was, “I think you may want to get it checked again.” After the session I made an appointment with a new doctor and found out I had stage II breast cancer.

With gratitude, Marta

Before visiting Deborah I had no experience with Reiki therapy and was a little skeptical about the concept. However, my visit with Deborah was not only enjoyable, but also made me more of a believer in the power of Reiki, thanks in no small part to Deborah's knowledge and skill. Deborah's warmth and positive energy stand out instantly when meeting her. She is certainly in tune with the body's energies, and without touching me was able to judge the areas of my body that were stressed and sore. I could even feel slight tingles as she moved over the joints and muscles that were sore from a tough early-morning workout.
I am generally also a skeptic when it comes to "psychics", but after an interesting, unprompted conversation about my deceased Grandmother, I became fairly convinced of Deborah's psychic/medium abilities, as well. I stayed after my session to speak with Deborah further, and I appreciated her staying late to answer my many questions. I left the session with a smile on my face and feeling peaceful, refreshed and positive. Nicole Birch