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Deborah R. Romero

Reiki Master,


Author of "The Spirit is Immortal"


4838 NE Sandy Blvd.
Suite 210 (stairs)
Portland, OR 97213

Session hours
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
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Cash, Check, and Credit Cards Accepted




It is very important that you trust your intuition and spiritual guidance.  If you have found your way to my website, trust that it is for a reason and you have been guided to me for the better of you.

My intentions and energy, in whatever session you choose, are always for love, healing, and the good of you.





Please don't wear perfume or cologne.


1. Come with an opened heart and mind. 
2. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts.

3. Take a few minutes of quiet time and set your intentions on love and healing. 


Telephone sessions:

1. Use ear buds or speaker on your phone.

2. Be in comfortable surroundings.

3. Make sure you won't be interrupted.




Reiki Basic session: A gentle flow of loving, healing energy. $65.00 (30 minutes). This session is geared toward clients that are used to receiving reiki. Not recommended for a first time reiki session.


Reiki Plus session: My intention for your session is a positive flow of loving energy. Reiki stimulates your body's own natural healing process, reduces stress and promotes deep relaxation.

Balancing of Chakras

Body scan for past or present illness in the body

Relay messages from your Angels regarding your health.

 Session $95.00. (60 minutes) Veteran's discount $40.00. (ID required)


 7 Weeks to Wellness Series; cash or check $570.00 ($95.00 savings). Credit card payment is $595.00 ($25 fee charge) savings of $70.00


Reiki with Psychic reading: Reiki Plus session and Communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels regarding health, relationship's, past and present. You may ask questions of them.

Session $220.00.  90 minutes.


Psychic Session: Communicate with Spirit Guides and Angels regarding health, family, relationships, past and present information and you may ask questions of them.  $120.00 (30 minutes) $170.00 (60 minutes)


Psychic session by telephone : $120.00 (30 minutes) $170.00  (60 minutes) must be purchased at the time of booking. 


Telephone Sessions pay online PURCHASE A SESSION button


Medium session: Contact the Spirit of a loved one that has passed to the other side. Other loved ones may come forward to communicate in the session. This session can be emotional and very healing, so you may record it.  Some information I relay to you may not resonate during the session, but will at a later date. This is a gift I am very grateful to have and enjoy helping others heal and connect with loved ones. 


Medium sessions can also be done by telephone:  It is important you schedule a time with no disruptions.  Session must be purchased at the time of booking.

$150.00 (30 minutes)

$225.00 (60 minutes)


Pet Communication sessions by telephone. Must be purchased at the time of booking the session. You will be allow to ask your pet questions. $125.00 (60 minutes) This includes one free month in the Healing Reiki Club. Your pet will receive four distance reiki sessions.



I may not receive notice of your online purchase so please contact me.

Please call  or text 503-757-6413 to schedule your appointment. 
Check, Cash, Credit Cards accepted




Please be advised that if you cancel your session within 24 hours of your reserved time, a $50 fee will be charged. Cancellations within 12 hours will be charged the entire fee of your scheduled session. It is very difficult to fill appointment times within 24 hours of cancellation. As much as I cherish you and our time together, my practice is a business and I must treat it as such. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation. You will not be charged in case of illness or family emergencies.






Funds may be used for other services.


By paying for or accepting a reading you agree that the messages you receive are not a substitute for advice programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professionals. Deborah provides no guarantees, warranties and is not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made or actions taken by clients.


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