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Reiki Loving Energy

  • Classes held at my office 20512 SW Roy Rogers Rd, Hunters Ridge Shopping Center Sherwood, OR

    MUST PRE-REGISTER by contacting Deborah to schedule your private class at 503-757-6413. 


  • Level I: Scheduled appointment approximately 2-3 hours. 
  •  A Level I completion certificate and an attunement (sacred spiritual initiation). 
  • Students will learn:
    Hand positions for self-healing
    How to clear the mind, body, and soul
    The value of Meditation and how to Meditate
    The principle Chakras
    Setting your spiritual intentions with divine love and wisdom to be a successful and confident Reiki I practitioner.
     Cost: $200 per person. 
  • $100 Deposit at the time of registration. 

  • Level II: Scheduled appointment approximately 2-3 hours.  Second day is used for balancing chakras and practicing your techniques.
    Includes a  Level II completion certificate and an Attunement (sacred spiritual initiation). Students will learn:
    Over view of Reiki Level I
  • How to prepare the room and yourself to give a treatment (practice treatment)
  • Reiki II symbols and how to use them
    Distant, past, and future healing techniques
    How to do a complete treatment using all symbols
    Setting your spiritual intentions with divine love and wisdom to be a successful and confident Reiki II practitioner
    How to start your private practice
  • Follow up visit 21 days after your attunement to balance your chakras
  • Cost: $500.00
  • MUST PRE-REGISTER by contacting Deborah to reserve your spot at 503-757-6413.
  • $200.00 Deposit at the time of registration.
  • Master Level cost $5000.00 (must be a Level II for a minimum of two years)
  • all class fees and deposits are non-refundable, but can be used toward other services or classes

My intentions for teaching Reiki is with divine love; for the good of my students and the good of others that they practice Reiki on. As a teacher, I am available for questions and help throughout your process.  I offer a Reiki session with the Level II to balance your chakras. I keep in touch with my student's and after years they still call me for advise. 


After searching for a Reiki Master in the Portland area to give me my Level 1 attunement, I finally found Deborah Romero of Healing  Reiki Hands. She is a truly spiritual professional, and gives instruction in a succinct yet compassionate, easy-to-understand way. Her place of business is welcoming, comfortable, safe and beautifully kept,  and it's in a centrally located office building.  She continues to answer any questions I might have, and I do not hesitate to recommend her. I'll  definitely be going back to her for my Level 2.
Mia Baila
Earlier this month I took Reiki 1 training from Deborah Romero whose name I found on line when looking for Reiki classes.  I knew little about this training but was very interested in learning about it and found Deborah to be the perfect, patient teacher.  I liked the fact that it was an individual rather than group training and, while most classes I looked into combined Reiki 1 and 2, Deborah's class was just Reiki 1..  I appreciated that as there is a lot of information to absorb.  I plan to take Reiki 2 in the near future.

    I decided to take the training as the last few years have been very stressful for me.  At the beginning of 2016 I took a Mindfulness course, which of course included meditation, and found it helpful in my healing.  It has been three weeks since my training and practicing Reiki on a daily basis has taken me one step further, allowing me to move forward in life, finding new hope and calmness.

    I look forward to continuing this practice, seeing where this journey will takes me. 
Thank you, Deborah.   
I took a Reiki I class with Deborah and the experience has been profound and completely transforming. The session has allowed me to connect more deeply with myself and my awareness.  Deborah is incredibly empowering and caring and she radiates such love and understanding.  It's so refreshing how genuine she is and with her approach in honoring one's own gifts and ability to heal.  I highly recommend seeing her, Deborah is the real deal am grateful to have been lead to her!