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Deborah R. Romero

Reiki Master,


Author of "The Spirit is Immortal"


4838 NE Sandy Blvd.
Suite 210 (stairs)
Portland, OR 97213
 Hours of service:
Monday through Saturday
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
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Reiki for Animals in Portland, Oregon


 Healing energy club is also for pets! For $25 a month your pet receives distance Reiki four times a month.


Reiki is wonderful for animals. Dogs and Cats are very opened to Reiki energy.  They allow me to feel an injury or stress in the body very quickly.  I enjoy working with animals and have seen great improvement in health issues. 


Reiki $65.00



Animal Communication by telephone session $125.00 up to 60 minutes.

Our pets don't communicate based on time, but you can ask them questions. Included is a membership in my Healing Energy Club for one month of distance Reiki.  Please email or text a picture of your pet prior to session. This includes two pets per home, but they must be your pets.



Travel fees: If you want an in person reading, I will travel to your home. The additional fee is $50.00. 



Additional pets $10.00 per pet.




No refunds. Please read my cancellation policy  on the service and fee page. Thank you.



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 Deborah has been giving reiki treatments to my dog, Emma, for the last three months. Emma is very old and suffers from severe arthritis and has poor digestion.
Deborah's treatment has been fantastic – afterwards, Emma has more energy and seems to be in a much better mood that lasts many days. Deborah has an almost
magical ability to sense what is bothering Emma and what to do about it. During the treatments Deborah is kind and careful, and I can tell Emma really likes
Deborah and gets something from her. I am really grateful to Deborah for providing this comfort and relief to my dog near the end of her life, and I recommend her for
anyone with pets that have chronic pain or other issues. Leon Wolf

I have a dachshund mix, named Roxy, that suffers from congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. What initially started as a heart murmur many years ago, unfortunately has developed over the years into heart disease and has worsened with her age. After a few scares recently and trips to the Emergency room with her, I was referred to Deborah for her pet communication and reiki work. Given Roxy's age and the fact that she was already taking multiple doses of various medications for her condition, I was willing to try anything to help her feel better. Not only did Deborah help me to understand Roxy's condition and situation through the pet communication session we had, but I've literally witnessed a real transformation in my dog for the last 4 weeks in her overall energy & spirit from the Reiki that Deborah sends her long distance. Roxy is now eating again and actually finishes her meals, she looks forward to our short walks we still do outside and she just seems happier overall. Her vet, cardiologist AND my own family members have commented recently on how well she looks. In fact, I've been so happily surprised by her response to the Reiki, I joined the weekly Reiki club to continue helping her to feel good. To be completely honest, I wasn't sure she was going to make it to her next birthday, but I'm thrilled to share that Roxy will be 13 years old in a few days and you better believe we will be celebrating!!!  I highly, highly recommend Deborah! I'm beyond thankful I was put in touch with her and even more grateful for her healing energy. 
Jill Cook (Joseph) 
Deborah Romero extended the life of our wonderful cat Addison and gave us the opportunity to spend quality time with him. Her healing energy sessions restored Addison , helping to return his appetite and sense of play. When Addison passed because of the cancer he had been living with, Deborah's compassion and reassurance helped us cope with his loss.  We as a family are most appreciative of Deborah's gift. Suzanne
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