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The Spirit is Immortal, Deborah Romero

There is certainly no shortage of books about self-improvement, spirituality and overcoming adversity. I've read lots of them, and when I started reading this one, I knew something about it was different. Its a fascinating read and I read it cover to cover over a weekend in two sittings, very unusual for me! I noticed I was born the same year as Deborah and it was fascinating for me to try to recall where I was and what I was doing as she mentioned certain events and times from her life. If you were came of age in the 70's or 80's, you will definitely relate to the events and people in this book. I noticed that as I approached the end of the book, there weren't many pages left, and Deborah had not yet

gotten to the "miraculous turnaround" or the "secret for living". She certainly talks about Reiki's role in her life and I know first hand that she is an amazing practitioner and medium.


As I finished the book and reflected on it, I realized that Deborah had given us more than a life story and a formula to turn your life around. First, she gave us an incredibly honest, no holds barred, account of her life. Her courage in sharing the details of her life stands out. Second, I realized that instead of giving us a magic solution to unhappiness, she gave us something more valuable: the direction to move in. No matter what method you use to move from unhappiness to peace, there is one direction to move in and that is to move to self-love.


Deborah doesn't pretend to have finished the journey, its an ongoing journey for all of us. And she doesn't pretend to have found the one method or one secret formula for moving to self-love. But she does tell us how she moved to self-love in an inspiring and incredibly honest story that anyone can use to help them get their life "unstuck". I highly recommend this book.

D.Savoie, CEO
New Orleans, LA



Ms. Romero,


I have started reading your book for the 2nd time. It truly deserves a second read. Many of us don't realize that

our lives are as good as they are, you have shown me that many things can be overcome if we learn forgiveness.

I am sorry for your many losses, however, I'm sure they are not completely gone from your life and you are aware of

their presence every day.


You are inspiring, to say the least, and I hope your future remains bright and happy as you continue with your

healing hands and your love for helping those around you. I'm sure the spirits that surround you daily, love you

as much as you love them and provide you with their inspiration!


Good luck with this inspiring book "The Spirit is Immortal".


Janice Merritt




As a student of Reiki I am truly inspired by Deborah Romero's book; her ability to see beyond the tragedies in her life and the darkness which is ever so present at times. Her book is nearly impossible to put down as her journey unravels, eventually bringing forth pure love and light from her heart and soul with the help of giving and receiving Reiki. It allows anyone who reads it the opportunity to heal as she affirms that the spirit truly is immortal.


Roxanne West







This was a beautifully written memoir. I was captivated by the author's ability to


overcome all the obstacles she has faced throughout her lifetime. By the end of the book,


it seemed that she had lost almost everyone she had known. I believe strongly that


everything happens for a reason. This women had to deal with a lot of hardship, yet she


has so much strength. With the variety of careers the author had, I was curious as to


where her interest in writing stemmed from. Overall, great read!







This is an emotional, raw memoir written with a lot of clarity. The author defines several


of her life's events and experiences to show you how she became the person she is today.


It takes the reader through the dark and into the light. I found it to be a captivating book.


Chelsea Bortles