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Our creator placed flowers on earth for more than just beauty. Flowers have the great healing possibility of displacing negative subconscious memories and beliefs most people harbor and can fill voids in us where we have emotional chasms.


As remarkable as it seems, the color, geometry, vitality, and growth location of each distinct flower combine to form "frequencies" that can, under the right circumstances, "overwrite" and remove limiting thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs inbedded in our subconscious/unconscious mind - set often related to past occurrences of emotional or physical abuse or trauma.


The FlorAlive Uncut Flower phenomenon was discovered due to Dr. Davis' clinical experience in herbal medicine, homeopathy, and applied kinesiology muscle testing. A great mystery was revealed. That which is normally invisible, namely beliefs and feelings in the subconscious mind, became visible by using a specific clinical protocol.


It became possible to measure if a specific negative thought is initially present and then leaves a persons subconscious mind after exposure to newly discovered FlorAlive flower frequencies. 


I will ask your Angels and Spirit guides as to what flower essences are needed to locate unhealthy beliefs that switch off your being, reducing awareness and performance. Then administer the FlorAlive Uncut Flower Essence suggested for the good of you.


This is in addition to a Reiki session.



Like Reiki, no harm can come from using flower essences. They contain no material substance and are absolutely harmless to our physical body. Flower essences cannot cause any adverse reactions. That does not mean that they have no effect.